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The Porto Way

The Porto Way


Porto has its own way of walking through life. This ever so busy city always takes time for a small cup of coffee with friends, family and colleagues. Going out almost always means a coffee cup, expresso, in one of the countless cafes around the city. Porto’s people are known for being hard working, direct and helpful. Ask for directions and you might find yourself surrounded by several “portuenses” intent on helping you. Just don’t skip any lines. You might get in trouble.


Porto stands in a kind of crossroad between the Atlantic and Douro River, but the Mediterranean culture is close enough to influence the city. The food has all the hallmarks of southern Europe’s way of life, as well as the wine tasting and the late meals and gatherings. At the same time, an almost obsession with order and organisation, more of a northern European feature, makes Porto a place difficult to fit in most categories.

The Porto Way


Locals like to go downtown in the evenings to check out the new restaurants and bars that keep popping up in the city, joined by the thousands of tourists that are now the new normal for Porto. The city remains authentic, even with all the new posh hotels and the somewhat chic ambience that is felt everywhere.

The Porto Way

of mysteries

Porto is no longer a well-kept secret, but it still holds some mysteries in its narrow, steep streets where you can find iconic places like the recently reopened Mercado do Bolhão but also small grocery stores and old bodega style establishments, that neighbour foreign supermarkets and typical hardware stores.

No tour or family walk is complete without a river crossing, through the 19th century D. Luís Bridge and visitors can even choose to go through the lower deck, almost touching the water, and the higher deck, a somewhat head spinning experience of walking along the metro line.

It’s slow life at a fast pace.

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