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Hi, i’m Hélio.

Hélio Loureiro

I’m a chef, gastronome, oenophile and researcher, serving as a consultant for some of the leading catering companies in Portugal.

Currently pursuing a Master's degree in Food, Culture and Society, I’m a columnist for several publications, a requested lecturer and jury member at culinary competitions, while actively engaging in projects focused on health, nutrition and ecological balance.

Driven by a profound love and curiosity for the art of cooking, I have authored 36 books – including a historical novel and Gourmand Award winner “Eating à la Porto” – and hosted various shows on national television advocating Portuguese gastronomy in harmony with and adequate nutrition. Notably “Nutriciência” which earned the prestigious Food & Nutrition Awards, and presently “Terra 4.0”, dedicated to the Mediterranean diet, sustainability, and the promotion of Portuguese agriculture.

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Chef Hélio

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