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II Schools 2030 Global Forum

Meet the Client

II Schools 2030 Global Forum

Client: Aga Khan Foundation
Venue: Alfândega do Porto Congress Centre
Date: 5th, 6th and 7th of June 2023
Preparation: 3 months

Meet the Event

Conference: II Schools 2030 Global Forum

Theme: “How might we foster more inclusive schools and plural learning societies for all?”

Format: Invitation only. Face-to-face + streaming the conference and plenary sessions

Entities involved and who were present: The Government of Portugal and the Municipality of Porto

Event agenda: Delegates from around the world gathered once again to continue the conversations started at the first edition of the Global Schools2030 Forum in Tanzania, this time focusing on improving inclusion, equality and pluralism in schools, systems and societies. The event joined over 200 education system stakeholders – representing teachers, school leaders, youth, civil society, international organisations, funders and government partners – to work together.

Spaces occupied by the event at the venue: 8 rooms with sessions running simultaneously + 6 areas for F&B services

What (we think) set us apart from the competition in the pitch

Main client specifications

The biggest challenges

The greatest accomplishment for the team

How we showed ‘Portugal’ to foreign participants

The event in numbers

3 days
270 participants
35 nationalities
40 cabaret tables in plenary sessions
145 people involved in the organisation.

Our work, in the client's own words

Alexandra Marques, Director of Education at Aga Khan Foundation Portugal

Key factor for success
“Since the first contact, acted with professionalism and had a very empathic approach. All the initial discussion and until the final proposal they were fair and showed capacity to innovate and provide the expected services at the quality level the Aga Khan Foundation was demanding. Andreia performed at high level leading in all the contacts with a large range of suppliers, acting on behalf and advocate for the client; she ensured us a smooth way to the event and an effective and high-quality support along the Schools2030 Global Forum, during 3 full days and additional social program, ensuring that AKF had in place also all the required environment sustainability policies. Together with Pedro, Andreia and Olavo were an excellent event planner; their work was a key factor for the success of the Global Forum including acknowledge by all the participants.”

High level “As a client we rate their work at high level and we will recommend their work for future events and to other partners.”