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Shopping in Porto



Those who visit Porto never forget the city’s allure, and make sure to carry a souvenir in their suitcase. So, I’m sure you would like to know that there are many historical shops and emblematic places to find a souvenir that is not the typical refrigerator magnet.



As a symbol of the city, Bolhão Market must be mentioned first. Located in the heart of Porto, the origins of the Bolhão Market date back to 1839 and its history and importance are intertwined with those of the city itself. Reopened recently, after years of rehabilitation and modernisation, Bolhão retains the soul of the merchants who sell flowers and fresh products such as vegetables and fruit. At the same time, the market houses cafes, restaurants, craft stalls and shops where one can certainly find what one is looking for.



A few metres from the Market, on Rua Formosa, there is a well-known traditional grocery store, founded in 1917, whose Art Nouveau façade, lined with tiles referencing the spice route, is a usual photogenic point for tourists. In the centenary Pearl of Bolhão it is possible to buy, for example, the delicious Portuguese “queijo da serra”, a strong cheese coming from the mountains of Serra da Estrela, as well as a large selection of sausages and dried and caramelised fruits in bulk, regional wines and biscuits.



The Lello Bookstore, considered one of the most beautiful in the world, is another emblematic point of the city, in Rua das Carmelitas. Inaugurated in 1906, it distinguishes itself by a neo-Gothic building with a unique façade, a magical staircase and stained-glass window, and numerous shelves filled with books in several languages. A perfect paradise for lovers of literature and all the others.



In Rua de Cimo de Vila, Casa Crocodilo is a must visit for those looking for leathers, leathers, belts, purses, slippers, furs and other products. The name of the store is justified by its mascot, an embalmed crocodile, that is perfect for a picture to post on social media.



For a traditional toy, such as a doll, a train or miniature cars, it is best to stop by the Paris Bazaar, on Rua Sá da Bandeira. By the way: for Harry Potter fans - children and adults - we strongly advise a visit to the Belomonte Brush Shop, in Rua de Belomonte, a historic shop where you can find an enormous number of brushes and brooms, in various colours and shapes.


dos Linhos

If you are looking for Portuguese fabrics, also stop by the Armazém dos Linhos, in Rua de Passos Manuel. For the watch aficionados, Porto has one of the most iconic shops in the city, sought after by collectors, Marcolino, in Rua de Santa Catarina. It opened in 1926, and its Art Nouveau façade building boasts collections of luxurious watchmaking brands and unique pieces of international jewellery.



The heart of Porto’s commercial area, Rua de Santa Catarina is one of the main arteries of shopping in the city, with numerous national and international shops of reference and even a shopping centre - Via Catarina.

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