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Nature in Porto



Porto is the perfect place to reach the entire Northern region of Portugal, a place marked by the extreme diversity of landscapes, biodiversity and well-preserved habitats. The national and natural Parks in Gerês and Alvão are a world apart in which human activity and nature are harmoniously integrated, preserving ancient values and traditions, clearly visible in village communities.


The landscapes are empowered by an exuberant and lush vegetation covering the mountains in all shades of green and by rapidly flowing rivers and streams, including many waterfalls, which finally slow down their pace in the dams. You'll find ideal conditions for outdoor activities such as canyoning or canoeing. If you just want to go for a hike, follow the winding and well-maintained path of the Roman road.



The region of Trás-os-Montes is more arid, but no less spectacular. The Montesinho Natural Park, for example, is one of the wildest places in the country and has dozens of trails to explore. A visit to this region is never complete without a passage through Rio de Onor, since it is practically the only place in Portugal where there is still a collective lifestyle.



The region is marked by the imposing presence of the Douro. Called the "Wonderful Kingdom" by Miguel Torga, one of the most important Portuguese writers, this region is indelibly linked to the famous Port wine. Viewpoints, vineyards, river beaches, waterfalls, farms, gastronomy, wine, the Douro is the dream of any lover of the good things in life.

Douro is a perfect program extension for a congress and event in Porto. By train, by boat, or by road, the landscape never disappoints. And imagine that your event takes place in September, still in time to take your group to the grape harvest, a tradition that preserves many of the artisanal processes.


Take a chance in Northern Portugal´s natural beauty.



Travelling south, less than a 1h30 min trip, at Arouca Geopark, we can observe the geological heritage of 41 sites of interest that stand out for their uniqueness and value from a scientific, educational and leisure point of view, recognized as such by the European Network and UNESCO Global Geoparks Network.

This mountainous region is crossed by several rivers offering excellent conditions for nature tourism activities, especially adventure sports such as rafting, canoeing, canyoning, rock climbing and a large network of walking trails, a total of 14 footpaths, 13 of which are short distance walks (PR) and one which is a long-distance walk (GR), properly marked.

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