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Events agenda in Porto


Going out

Porto’s agenda is packed with events, in tune with the interests of different audiences. Traditionally, the great event that marks the city’s yearly happenings is St. John's.

From June 23 to 24 the city is gripped by a frenzy. Everyone goes out into the street, regardless of age, to walk through the various centres of this very loud festival, a mix of religious and pagan celebration.


Plastic hammers and leeks are the "weapons" of revellers. Eating sardines is almost mandatory. And dancing to popular music, in the various not always so organised dances that take over the city, is the ultimate experience. At midnight, an impressive firework display holds everyone's attention.



If you’re looking for a more intellectual thing, the option can be either the exhibitions of the Serralves Museum, dedicated to contemporary arts, or the concerts and eclectic shows at Casa da Música. The municipality has a vast program of initiatives throughout the year, in parks and squares, markets and sports venues, or even the street, with music, theatre, cinema, activities for children, among others.



For music fans, Porto annually hosts the celebrated Primavera Sound festival. All throughout the year, numerous artists provide an abundance of musical options, performing almost daily in venues such as Super Bock Arena and Casa da Música.

There are other festivals: Fantasporto, which for over 40 years has been dedicated to promoting new cinema and genres such as fantastic and horror cinema. Or FITEI – International Festival of Iberian Theater, an also 40-year-old event, that showcases theatrical creations, especially those of Portuguese and Spanish language.


Nature, Football
Street Art

The visits to the gardens of Porto are famous, when the camellias, or japoneiras, are in bloom. And there's a legion of fans, many of them coming from the UK.

But if your passion is football, why not attend one of FC Porto's matches? Whether in domestic or international competitions, the home team always fights for a victory.

Street art is another of the suggestions we leave you. It exists all over the city, includes artists now as famous as Vhils, and has the advantage of being almost always accessible, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A perfect invitation for another pleasant walk around the city.

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