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Cuisine and Wine in Porto



Portugal is known for the variety and quality of its gastronomy, but Porto takes very seriously the tradition of welcoming at the table.

Every pretext is a good one to sit down and eat, no haste. How else would you talk to friends and family and gossip about your lives? Porto’s cuisine is a generous journey of flavours, all cooked with simple ingredients.


The gastronomic experience is a top reason for people to visit a city, famous for its mouth-watering food, whether it's an elegant dish with the signature of internationally recognized chefs or a simple-looking snack in a traditional tavern.



'Francesinha' is certainly the first result Google presents when you search for the gastronomy of Porto and, believe us, you really have to try it. Nowadays there are already many variations of this delicacy - even a vegetarian one - but the original ‘francesinha’ is a sandwich stuffed with sausages and beef, covered with melted cheese and drizzled with a delicious hot sauce.

In fact, the sauce is really the well-kept secret that makes a simple sandwich a gastronomic icon appreciated and known all over the world. Every restaurant has its own version. Wash it down with a local beer and go for a walk afterwards.


of authencity

There are many more typical dishes of the city and the Northern region of Portugal that might surprise you, while enjoying incredible postcard worthy landscapes. Next to the Douro River or in a restaurant in front of one of Porto’s many beaches you can feast on our seafood, the typical salted codfish, 'Bacalhau’, or fish grilled on charcoal.

Whether in a Michelin-starred restaurant or in a more traditional place, there is one ever present ingredient: authenticity. Staff everywhere will make you feel welcome.

Come, sit down at the table and be our guest.

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A dream destination for wine lovers, nothing embodies the Porto lifestyle more than Port Wine. A perfect complement for the city’s delicious food, the wine is the most prestigious star of the menu, but you will soon discover how irresistible green wines and full-bodied red wines from the Douro region are.

Served as an aperitif or to accompany a dessert, Port Wine carries the name of the city and centuries of tradition. Produced from grapes from a single year, it is bottled two to three years after harvest and evolves gradually over several decades. Port Wine is essentially known for that: a liqueur wine that tastes better and better as the years go by.


Wine cellars

The oldest Port Wine cellars are in Vila Nova de Gaia, a city just across the Douro River, where visitors can go for a visit and look at the huge wine barrels where the Ports are aging.

This is a memorable and basically mandatory visit for those who want to know and taste the history of the drink that is actually produced in the Douro Demarcated Region, the oldest regulated wine region in the world, classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Douro Region

Known for its steep, stunning landscapes, the Douro region has much more to offer, especially DOC red wines, incomparable in complexity.

The wine farms also offer the opportunity to participate in grape harvests in the Douro Valley. Visitors can pick grapes, step on them in the traditional way, and taste, of course, the best of the best in the region.

For those who prefer more fruity and fresh flavours, the good news is that in Porto and Northern Portugal there is also the Vinho Verde Demarcated Region, one of the largest in Europe. With a young and fresh profile, and a lower alcohol content than red wine, “vinho verde” is distinguished by its smooth and balanced taste, lighter and with a perfect level of acidity.

Visiting Porto and tasting the wines is a part of a long wine tradition maintained by the locals.