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Corporate ecosystem in Porto

Corporate ecosystem

Where multinationals meet start-ups

Porto has long attracted foreign investment, namely from multinationals, that take advantage of the city’s talent and thriving entrepreneurship. Tech companies, working with local start-ups and more experienced small and medium businesses are flocking to Porto’s metropolitan area.


Talent is the number one driver in Port’s success in attracting a growing number of companies. The city's workforce is highly educated, and 32% of residents hold a higher education degree, turning it into a skilled pool of human resources, according to local website Invest Porto, promoted by the local City Council.

Start-ups. And the results are already in. The latest figures show that there are over 500 start-ups in the city, employing 1.300 people in the metropolitan area, one of the largest start-up clusters in Portugal.

Fintech and Fashion. Scale-ups and global players are also flocking to Porto, including several unicorns, which have established technology centres in the city, such as fintech firms Revolut and online luxury fashion retailer Farfetch, among others.

Business Hubs. The city is also home to some booming business hubs, like Lionesa, an old factory that was refurbished and now houses several companies, with businesses that have made a bet on innovation and technology.

Corporate ecosystem


The local economy is made up, mostly, of industry and services and works mainly for external markets. The North-Western region of Portugal accounts for around 47% of the country’s exports of goods and is home to over 4,2 million people, with 1,7 million residing in Porto’s metropolitan area.

It’s not a surprise, then, that the city is attracting a lot of foreign direct investment (FDI). Foreign companies invested over 3,5 billion euros in FDI projects over the last years, and that led to the creation of 22.000 jobs. The interest didn’t wane during the pandemic. Invest Porto puts the investment in 2022 at around 1,1 billion euros, with new units and expansion of previous projects.

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