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Are you intrigued? We would like to get to know you. Drop us a line, give us a call, or fill out this form. This can be the start of something great. We assure you.

Meet Porto’s community is a blend of fearless and talented event professionals that believe in collaboration, meaningful relationships and legacy.

We are passionate for people and the human connection is at the heart of all that we do.

Clients are indeed our biggest source of inspiration. We like to be challenged on a daily basis, and are driven to improve and innovate when faced with the complexities of event hosting and organising.

Five good reasons to choose us for your event:

Team with decades of experience

A “one-stop-shop” solution

Integrated tailor-made solutions, covering the event value chain end-to-end

Dedicated account management: personalised, effective, responsive, committed

Cost effectiveness with the highest service standards and best sustainability practices


From Our Customers

Five things you were (probably)
going to ask:

1. Accessibility

Is it easy to get to Porto?

Yes, there are over 30 companies flying to the city, connecting Porto with another 100 destinations.

2. Size

I have an event for 1.000 people. Can I do it in Porto?

Yes, we have done events in Porto with over 2.000 people.

3. Audiovisuals

Do I have to take an AV supplier with me?

No, we have plenty of good AV suppliers in Porto. And caterers, and all the staff you’ll need, and designers, and artists...


Is it easy to entertain participants off the working schedule?

Absolutely! Porto has wonderful restaurants, including Michelin starred ones and the most traditional “tascas”, shops where you can find the best brands in the world (some are Portuguese), museums, theatres, the stadium where FC Porto plays, the river, the sea… we could go on and on.

5. Security

Is Porto safe?

Yes, in fact Portugal is ranked as the 6th safest country in the world, according to the Global Peace Index 2022.


Meet Porto tribe. The community is formed by 11 passionate people, comprehending every necessary field for a successful event. We also have a happiness manager, because happy people do a much better job.


Years of experience.We have a joint total of 490 years in experience organising events. The oldest of us is 63 and the youngest 25. A mix of generations, backgrounds, taste, and mindset that can elevate your event.


Number of projects per year. Our team is involved in over 150 events, national and international, small and large, with 10 to 3500 participants.


Porto ranks high in key business criteria.


Best large city for foreign investment (Europe)

FT/fDi Intelligence,



City in Southern Europe in English Language Proficiency

EF Educational First



World’s leading city destinations

World Travel Awards



Best small city to live in the world



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