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medical conferences and technology

Want the best technologies for your medical conference? Meet Porto can help you!

Today, technology is absolutely indispensable in the organisation and management of a professional event. Technological tools are not only shaping innovation in the healthcare sector, but also helping to innovate medical conferences themselves.

Meet Porto’s experience in organising medical conferences and meetings and events tells us that the right technology solutions help simplify and streamline processes, improve communication and the engagement of event participants, increase the efficiency and productivity of the organising team and even offer a more interactive and personalised experience for participants.

That said, here are 5 examples of technological tools that support international medical and scientific conferences for various nationalities that we are used to organising in Porto:


  1. Event website: we use it to promote and provide information about the medical conference to participants and visitors, indicating dates, times, venues, programme, speakers, sponsors, contact information, among other important details. It can include resources to help attendees register for the event, check in, sign up for the sessions they want to attend and, even as a means of networking, to get in touch with other attendees.

  1. Event App: a mobile application that we developed specifically to help organise, promote and manage the medical conference, with the aim of being used by our team, participants and speakers. An event app includes features such as registration and ticket sales, the event programme, maps and directions, information on speakers and exhibitors, participant evaluation and feedback, real-time notifications, networking between participants and much more. An app also plays a crucial role in increasing the visibility of the event by bringing all the important information together in one place.

  1. Event management software: tools that help us organise and manage the medical conference, enabling the creation and management of registrations, management of abstracts and payments, monitoring of metrics and feedback from participants, among many other purposes – as support for registration management, the software allows participants to register and pay for their registrations online, as well as managing information about each participant’s profile; as an agenda management mechanism: it allows the Meet Porto team to create the medical conference agenda and manage information about the event’s activities, such as location, time and speakers involved; in access control, the software allows participants to pick up their accreditation and validate it at the entrance to the event; as a means of communicating with participants, it allows automatic emails to be sent with information about the event, reminders of times and other important information; as a metrics monitoring tool, it provides data on the event’s performance, such as the number of attendees, the conversion rate or feedback from attendees, which can then be used to evaluate the event’s success and make improvements to future events; as a financial control mechanism, it assists in managing the event’s budget, identifying the event’s expenses and income.

  2. Digital flipcharts: interactivity is absolutely essential at a congress or conference of any kind, and in medicine it’s even more important. Sharing papers submitted to scientific congresses or other relevant information for doctors are just two of the applications that can be made on these digital screens, which exist in vertical or horizontal format. Action generates reaction and having a speaker draw or explain a topic using a flipchart in real time certainly keeps the attention of medical conference participants high.

  3. Augmented reality: demonstrating clinical cases using augmented reality can be absolutely amazing. Advanced medicine requires advanced technology and being able to demonstrate practical cases through augmented reality glasses is a feature that conference participants – whether doctors, researchers or even medical students – will certainly not forget.




We’re not doctors. But as your partner for meetings and events in Porto, we promise to take care of the well-being of your medical conference, by suggesting the most innovative technologies.