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5 easy things to implement in your event to make it more sustainable

Implementing sustainable actions in the meetings or events we hold in Porto is something we do by default at Meet Porto. Even if the client doesn’t include sustainability measures in the specifications, good practices to reduce the ecological footprint of an event are naturally foreseen by our team.

Imagine a car that comes with certain equipment or technology as standard. We are that car.

This vision is part of Meet Porto’s social responsibility, as we believe that, with it, we gain various benefits and advantages not only for ourselves but also for the surrounding environment, including environmental, social, cultural, economic and political aspects.


So without further ado, here are five examples of sustainable measures that you can easily apply to your events:

  1. Consumption and promotion of local products – choose suppliers who opt for local, seasonal and organic products, helping not only to drastically reduce the ecological footprint of the event but also to achieve a better flavour and freshness of the food served.

  2. Eliminating all types of disposable cups, containers, cutlery and straws for sustainable catering – providing water in jugs or glass bottles, or even reusable bottles created specifically for the event, with free water points distributed throughout the venue should no longer even be an issue. It’s a must.

  3. Preparing parallel activities to the events that celebrate and raise awareness of the authenticity of the local culture – at Meet Porto we like to suggest to our clients a workshop in local crafts or traditional arts, for example.

  4. Invest in local culture to create social programmes for congresses or conferences, with music or performing arts – use local artists, avoiding unnecessary travel.

  5. Favour electronic means over traditional ones – when registering and checking in participants, avoid using paper and opt for online invitations and communications, digital platforms using QR codes, barcodes, or RFID (radio frequency identification), for example.


That’s how we do it in (Meet) Porto! Together, we manage to make the events industry and the world in general more environmentally friendly.