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Chief Happiness

Events can be stressful. That’s why Meet Porto has a Chief of Happiness on the team!

A happy event for attendees starts with happy organisers. This is our motto, at Meet Porto, and this is how we want our clients to feel when they come to Porto for a meeting or event.

In 2019, the north american website Career Cast, which specializes in job search, placed the job of Event Manager on the list of the ten most stressful, alongside those who work for the military, firefighter, airline pilot, police officer, journalist, tv host, public relations, senior corporate executive and taxi driver.

Organising a congress, a conference, a corporate event and even incentive activities requires knowing how to work under pressure, with tight deadlines to carry out the work and deal with unforeseen circumstances and last-minute changes.

Meet Porto has a Chief of Happiness on the team. From a young age, Olavo Silva realized that his mission was to ensure that everyone around him was constantly happy and having fun. The world of events was love at first sight for Olavo, who, together with the rest of the team, has fun organising Meet Porto events. And this happiness is also felt by the participants, who, in every detail, can feel the attention given to them.

Chief of Happiness

The peace of mind of organising a professional event with Meet Porto

Our mission is to ensure that the pressure of organising an event in Porto is always on our side and never on our clients’ side. And the fact that we are a platform with a “one stop shop” offer, with tailor-made integrated solutions, covering the entire event value chain, helps a lot to ensure that Meet Porto is the right partner for meetings and events.

We never run, even in stressful moments. Unforeseen situations and last-minute changes always happen in our industry, but at our meetings and events in Porto you will never see a member of our team running. Literally.

The fact that we are an alliance of destination management experts and conference organisers, with decades of experience, immediately reassures our clients. The client’s focus must be on enjoying the event and conveying the right image to their guests and participants. Our focus is on ensuring that everything goes as it should, managing more stressful episodes very discreetly, and that the event leaves long lasting good memories.

Chief of Happiness

Smile, you’re in Porto for a memorable meeting or event

Our Chief of Happiness has many roles and ensuring the team is well, healthy and happy is one of them. The stress of organising an event – and managing it on the days it takes place – must be preceded with healthy lifestyle habits that prepare us for whatever may come.

Maintaining a correct diet, sleeping well, being in contact with nature and practicing some physical exercise are regular practices for us at Meet Porto.

Organising a professional event in Porto through our platform, with the possibility of having all services gathered in one place, of having a multidisciplinary team that can respond to all needs and, above all, of not having to worry, is a synonym of happiness for our clients. And that makes our Chief of Happiness and the rest of the team happy too.