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Sustainable team building activities in Porto – a quick guide

Porto is an environmentally friendly city and is committed to being a leader in climate action, both at national and European level. As part of the Porto Climate Pact, the city has set an ambitious target of achieving net-zero emissions by 2030. 

The sky’s the limit on the amount and diversity of sustainable team-building and team-bonding activities that can be done in the city, whether we are talking about a large or a small group.

At Meet Porto we love a good challenge and that’s why we’re always ready to meet the expectations of a group or company that wants to have fun in our city, in addition to the work event that brought them here. 

While strengthening team morale and bonding, there are also some activities that can, at the same time, develop new skills and leadership spirit with the aim of improving the team’s overall performance.

Our team can organize Incentives and Team-Building for employees or exclusive group experiences. Here are some examples of sustainable activities we can prepare for your team that help improve or create team-building skills such as communication, collaboration, integration, creativity, empathy and relationship building.

Climb the Arrábida bridge

With incredible views of the cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia and the Douro River, the Arrábida bridge is classified as a National Monument and is one of the most emblematic symbols of Porto. In a group, with safety equipment and accompanied by a guide, it is possible to climb 65 meters above the river to the arch of the bridge and enjoy a magical sunset while sipping a beautiful Port wine.

Surf the waves of Atlantic Ocean

Never been on a surfboard? Don’t worry, you and your team can have fun and try surfing lessons for beginners on the beaches of Porto or Vila Nova de Gaia and Matosinhos, cities neighboring Porto known for their good waves. Surfing is all about good vibes and being in touch with the sea and nature. But of course, if we add healthy competition between co-workers to this, it gets even better. Which teammate do you think can get up on the board right away? And who will be the first to fall? Surf’s up!

Paint Portuguese tiles or make pottery with local artisans

You’ve certainly noticed in photographs of Porto that many of our buildings and churches are covered in white and blue tiles. We call them ‘azulejos’ and each one of them tells the history and past of Porto and Portugal. You and your team can also be part of this story, painting a tile with guidance from an expert in a tile painting workshop. A pottery workshop with a local artisan is another activity you can do as a group. Who will win the award for best craftsman in the company? Two activities that promise a lot of learning and laughter, with the advantage of taking home a special souvenir, handmade, made in Porto. 

Visit the city gardens

We love our parks and gardens and you will certainly like them too. Relaxing, getting some fresh air and going for a walk in a group is possible in numerous spaces in the city. Meet Porto holds the ‘key’ to the city’s best kept secrets and can take you and your group to discover the city’s best gardens and even some that are not open to the public.

Go on a sailing regatta on the Douro River

If the winds help, a guided sailing experience is an excellent way for your group to discover the Douro River and admire the memorable landscapes from each bank aboard a sustainable form of transport.

Sustainable team-building activities in Porto - a quick guide