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Porto ranks high as a destination in Europe for digital nomads

The numbers don’t lie: Porto ranks high in popular European destinations among digital nomads. Last year alone, the city was visited by more than 43.000 people, geographically flexible in work and living conditions, even doubling the statistics of 2021, according to data from InvestPorto, Porto City Council´s the investment platform.

Internet speed, quality of life, sense of security in the city, mild climate (about 220 days of sunshine a year), high quality gastronomy and the welcoming and tolerant spirit of Porto’s people are listed among the numerous positives highlighted in the Nomad List, an online ranking that aggregates contributions from a community of more than 37.000 digital nomads from around the world. 

Porto is even positioned as the third best European destination in the Migrant Integration Policy Index 2020 (MIPEX), an EU tool that measures migrant integration policies in 52 countries, including all EU Member States, OECD countries, Albania, Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Moldova, North Macedonia, Serbia, Russia and Ukraine.

Increasingly sought after by remote workers and boasting coworking spaces scattered throughout the city, Porto receives, in its majority, digital nomads from Europe and North America who work mainly in the areas of IT, marketing and support.

Turismo do Porto

What are digital nomads looking for in Porto?


If initially the concept of digital nomad referred to a person who worked remotely and who only needed a laptop with an Internet connection to do so, today there are already other factors to weigh in. In fact, Porto is also seen as a perfect destination for families, with high-quality health and education services, including international schools with curricula in English, French and German. The fact that the Porto’s people have a high English proficiency and are always willing to help is, in fact, a prominent factor that distinguishes the city.


When they are not working, digital nomads have the possibility to explore the historical and cultural richness of Porto, easily walking around and getting to know the city. We have already said in this blog that Porto residents like people and socialize after work and this is even one of the reasons that put this big city – but at the same time so quiet – at the top of the preferences concerning European destinations for digital nomads.

When we talk about digital nomads we talk about technology, and those who choose Porto as a base can ‘be’ two things: wireless, with a freedom to enjoy the city; and bluetooth, because there will certainly be many data and experiences exchanges with the people of Porto!