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Do you want to organise a scientific event? Porto has a reputation for excellence!

Porto is recognized as a reference destination in Science and Technological Innovation, with more than 40 Research and Development (R&D) centres in several areas, such as computer science, engineering, health and mobility. Researchers and international students from all over the world find in Porto the conditions for excellence and the scientific events held in the city are rapidly growing.

Porto is in the European top 25 and in the world top 30 ranking of cities that stand out as the most sought-after destinations for business tourism, such as congresses, conferences, meetings and events that bring together various nationalities.

The presence of R&D centres, start-ups, business incubators and prestigious academic institutions with international connections make the city an increasingly desirable destination.

The University of Porto, for example, partners with world-leading institutions such as MIT, UT Austin, Carnegie Mellon University, Harvard Medical School or the Fraunhofer Centre for Assistive Information and Communication Solutions, the first subsidiary of the Fraunhofer Institute outside Germany.

Attraction hub for researchers

The city breathes science. Porto is one of the main hubs of scientific and technological innovation in Portugal and the number of researchers in the region has increased by about 50% in the last 5 years, according to data from InvestPorto, the investment platform of the Porto City Concil.


The Metropolitan Area of Porto alone houses about 12.900 researchers, a number that rises to 26.700 if we add the surrounding region of the Northwest of Portugal.
If you want to hold an event in the R&D area, you really must consider Porto as a destination! Among the various scientific centres of excellence in the city, we highlight five renowned institutions that, by themselves, are also five irrefutable arguments to choose our city for your event:

Institution of national and international reference in research in areas such as oncology and oncobiology. Linked to the University of Porto, it regularly produces international award-winning articles, present in the most important scientific publications in the world.

Institution that brings together academia, companies, public administration and society, focusing on scientific research and technological development activities, technology transfer, advanced consulting and training and pre-incubation of new technology-based companies.

Engineering and Development Centre that designs, develops and operates new products and services for technologically advanced industries – automotive, mobility, aeronautics, sea and space – and designs technology from sustainability.

School of Biotechnology of Universidad Católica (Portuguese Catholic University)
A reference in university higher education and research in Biotechnology, with an active role in the scientific, social and economic communities through the development of integrated initiatives of Teaching, R&D and Community Relations, affirming itself as a forum of international excellence.

The Institute of Physics for Advanced Materials, Nanotechnology and Photonics of the University of Porto is a scientific research institute dedicated to the study of applied physics linked to the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto. It is internationally recognized for the fundamental research it develops in the Physics of new materials with a high scientific and technological impact.